The Others film will present the audience with a fantastic thriller about a father and daughter, who have extraordinary superpowers and a mysterious ice cream man, who strives to lure a girl out of his safe shelter. Screenwriters and directors of the film were Zak Lipowsky and Adam B. Stein, familiar to fans of horror films. The music was composed by Tim Wynn, who was familiar to viewers from such parody films as Super Forsage and The Hunger Games.

The main characters of the picture are the father and his little daughter, who never leaves the house. This is strictly forbidden to her, because inside her there is a force that can lift the air with the look of a child and manipulate various heavy objects. A caring father does not dare to let his girl go outside, only one mysterious ice cream seller seems to have some plans for her, and he sends her telepathic thoughts about the escape day after day, luring the streets of the suburbs of Los Angeles. What will happen if a girl really with all her abilities enters the open world and has to find out while watching.

The cast is led by Emil Hirsch (Survivor, Marking Lord, The Demon Inside) and Lexi Kolker. They are made up of artists such as Bruce Dern (The Ghastly Eight, Between, The Gates), Amanda Crew (The Century of Adalin, Double Life of Charlie San Cloud), Michelle Harrison (Love Happens), Matty Finochio (Museum Night: Tomb Secret), Alex Paunovich (Planet of the Apes: War), Kvesi Ameyau (Dog Life, Team A, Fifty Shades of Freedom) and others.

Cinema Review November 13, 2019

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