Vardá by Agnés


Only a few months ago, the great French filmmaker who belonged to the nouvelle Vague and who made the documentary his home, left us. Now the posthumous documentary is released, which as if it were premeditated, collects a film lesson about his entire career, but also a life lesson. Thanks to A countercurrent, it opens on our screens.

When an artist we admire dies

There are those who do not care about the death of a person, if not a relative. I respect him but I don’t understand him. We are in a world where we admire people, at least when we like art. And when an artist we admire dies, we stop being able to enjoy his work from that moment. We can only recover all of the above, much already known and the rest with much more pain than when I was alive. Agnés Vardá was not our mother, she was not our grandmother but she was the grandmother of a lot of cinephilia, the old lady who with her love for telling had infected us with need and desire, had driven us (not only her) to take a step, although it was some study related to the elaboration of stories, with its audiovisual treatment. And above it was a woman. I don’t care if they stop reading from now on, if in this society that is now supposed to be more egalitarian, some heterosexual man feels damaged by this statement. Being a woman in the artistic world is not easy. There are those who believe that no more women filmmakers are known is because they have no talent. It is a shame. Not many are known, because they do not have the same opportunities. The thing is reversing, but the truth is that Vardá started in the Nouvelle Vague, 60s and had everything against it. To start that group full of huge individualities, all male of course: Godard, Rivette, Truffaut, Malle, Chabrol, etc. But Agnes was not intimidated and continued his career also getting his own style, based on observation and documentary terrain. She was investigating while living and, sometimes, both things merged without understanding herself what the reality was, her reality, and what fiction she wanted to create.

Creator of Cleo

Vardá by Agnés

Not long ago he left us a little orphaned from his cinema. The creator of Cleo from 5 to 7 or Los espigadores and the espigadora left but she had a joker in her pocket, a love letter to those who begin to study cinema, to those who are interested in her work, to those who like I admire her career and we want to learn how she managed to be admired internationally as a woman and director.

And he gave us this masterclass of almost two hours, where the French filmmaker describes his methods, his work with the actors and actresses, his choice of spaces, stories, his way of facing the shootings, reviewing all his filmography …

The film has nothing formally, it is simply an Agnés Vardá film sreaming gratuit class taught by the filmmaker herself. It is a wonder for any audiovisual student and should be viewed at any institute in Bachelor of Arts at least, although as an audiovisual product, the tape is poor and monotonous. But Agnes was not stupid. He did not want to give us an Oscar for the best documentary, but to finish his legacy by reviewing everything he has left us. Thank you very much Vardá. You will be missed.

Cinema Review November 21, 2019

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