Month: November 2019

Dr. Sleep (2019)

The film Dr. Dream is a continuation of the cult horror film “The Shining” according to one of the most famous horror stories of Stephen King (The Pet Cemetery, Ono, The Dark Tower, Telekinesis)…


The Addams Family

Description of the Addams Family movie (2019) Cartoon Addams Family is an updated version of the cult gloomy family, about which films and series have already been shot. A horror comedy with a mild childish rating of 6+ goes straight to Halloween and offers the audience a funny horror story about the oddities and quirks […]


A Rainy Day in New York

Description of the film Rainy Day in New York (2019) The film Rainy Day in New York represents the new work of the cult film director Woody Allen (Wheel of Miracles, High Life, Irrational Man, Moonlight Magic) according to his script and tells about a couple in love from completely different and unlike each other […]


Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood

Description of the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) The film Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood is a historical tragicomedy from the cult director Quentin Tarantino (The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds) according to his own script. The story will unfold around the film industry in the era of the […]



The Others film will present the audience with a fantastic thriller about a father and daughter, who have extraordinary superpowers and a mysterious ice cream man, who strives to lure a girl out of his safe shelter. Screenwriters and directors of the film were Zak Lipowsky and Adam B. Stein, familiar to fans of horror […]


10 German films to see

“German cinema – this is when the director took the cat, put it in a bag and with all the dope pounds this bag against the wall – loudly, scary, ashamed and stupid” … So one friend of mine always says that he thinks he is very good at cinema . Actually this is not […]


Vardá by Agnés

Only a few months ago, the great French filmmaker who belonged to the nouvelle Vague and who made the documentary his home, left us. Now the posthumous documentary is released, which as if it were premeditated, collects a film lesson about his entire career, but also a life lesson. Thanks to A countercurrent, it opens […]


Five Spanish Short Films You Can’t Stop Watching

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it is sometimes difficult for us to devote free time to enjoy cinema even if it is one of our great passions. That is why we propose a ‘playlist’ with some of the most desirable short films of the moment that have nothing to envy to their older brothers, the […]



German expressionist cinema is one of the fundamental moments in the history of the art film. The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1919), by Robert Wiene (three images of this film are shown above); Nosferatu (1922) by F.W. Murnau; or Metropolis (1926), by Fritz Lang, constitute its main lighthouses. In this new throbbing of Cine and […]


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1. Anathema - Deep

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2. Katatonia - Ghost Of The Sun

833 votes

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3. Marillion - Neverland

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4. Pain Of Salvation - The Used

740 votes

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5. Opeth - Windowpane

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